PPE Supply Dispenser Buying Guide

August 26, 2020

PPE supply dispensers, such as hygiene centers, glove dispensers, and isolation stations, can help minimize the spread of infection because having infection-control supplies visible and easily accessible:

  • Encourages PPE use.
  • Ensures PPE is always on hand, eliminating excuses that staff, guests, or students didn't have access to a tissue, mask, or hand sanitizer.
  • Makes managing supply levels easier.
    • Dispensers are refilled in a timely manner.
    • Overall PPE stock can be better planned and dispersed.


How to Choose the Right PPE Dispenser
You may need your PPE dispensers to have different features based on where they are located. To determine your ideal PPE dispenser(s), do the following:

  • Make a list of the areas where you intend to place a PPE organizer/dispenser.
    • Reception/entrance, hallways, conference rooms, classrooms, etc.
  • Determine for each type of location:
    • The type of PPE needed in the area.
      • Example: a hallway may only need hand sanitizer and not masks or tissues.
    • The expected frequency of use.
      • The heavier the use, the more durable you'll want the dispenser to be.
    • If locks are necessary.
    • If they need to include a sign holder (if a poster/sign holder isn't already in the location).
      • Instructional and reminder signs on the use of PPE increases their use.
    • The space/size required.
      • Within each type of PPE dispenser, their sizes are similar. But you have several options available if you have a unique area to outfit. Examples:
        • Opting for two smaller dispensers instead of a larger, all-inclusive model.
        • Choosing a large, furniture-style "center" for a more pleasing look.

Use this list to help find the right dispenser for the right place.

Bowman Single PETG Single Face Mask Dispenser

Good PPE Dispensers

Ideal for occasional or temporary use in low-traffic areas.

  • Made of plastic, wire, or other less durable material
  • Don't have locks
  • Small footprint
  • Budget friendly
Locking Personal Protection Stand 

Better PPE Dispensers

Ideal for mid-level traffic and long-term use.

  • Made of acrylic or ABS plastic for durability
    • Acrylic can be clear or frosted and is scratch resistant.
    • ABS is opaque and is impact-resistant
  • Includes more features such as locks, sign holders (included or optional), and/or antimicrobial properties
  • Medium footprint
Steel Touchless Hygiene Station 

Best PPE Dispensers

Ideal for high-level traffic and long-term use.

  • Wall or countertop models are made of steel for ultimate durability
  • Mobile models offer flexibility
  • Have locks
  • Medium to large footprint
 Infection Prevention Station with Waste Receptacle

Premium PPE Dispensers

Ideal for high-traffic public areas and long-term use.

  • Furniture-style models are more aesthetically pleasing, have integrated sign holders/sign, locks (most models). Some models have integrated waste containers.
  • Recessed wall-mount models provide ample supply storage and organization without taking up valuable floor space
  • Large footprint


Consider Alternative Uses
So you found an almost-ideal PPE dispenser, but it has a compartment for PPE you don’t necessarily need. Consider what other items could be used. For example: if you don't need to provide gowns but everything else about that isolation station is exactly what you need, use the gown section to hold magazines, newspapers, legal pads, or notebooks. Just use your imagination to make it the perfect dispenser for you.

Know Your Budget
In the end, while PPE dispensers may not be part of your budget, they can help keep your doors open because they encourage employees and customers to use PPE and other essentials proven to help reduce the spread of viruses.

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