FaciliSafety Cleaning Guide

September 08, 2020

We've put together an essential cleaning guide to help you care for the items your organization uses every day. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the products you've invested in will help extend their lives - and your budget.

 Powder-Coated Steel

How to Clean Powder-Coated Steel

For best results, clean your powder-coated steel products by washing the surface with a soft cloth and diluted solution of a mild, nonabrasive detergent in cold or warm water. Rinse with a little water to remove any residue and then dry with a clean soft cloth. To keep or restore the gloss and shine, you can use wax like you would with a car (apply a thin layer, let dry, then wipe off). Waxing should only be done after dusting/cleaning.

Do not use harsh chemicals (e.g. acetone), abrasive materials (e.g. steel wool), or apply excessive force during cleaning. These will damage the finish and accelerate degradation.


How to Clean Powder-Coated Aluminum

Powder-coated aluminum can be cleaned with warm or cold water and a mild liquid (nonabrasive) detergent to remove any dirt or splashes. Dry with a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, to help prevent water spots.

Do not use harsh chemicals (e.g. acetone), abrasive materials (e.g. steel wool), or apply excessive force during cleaning. These will damage the finish and accelerate degradation.


How to Clean Acrylic

Wipe away dust and debris with a dry, soft cloth before cleaning – microfiber is recommended. Use mild soap and water or a plastic cleaner to remove dirt. Rinse using a fresh, damp cloth to remove residue. Dry with a clean, soft cloth. Don't use paper towels to clean your acrylic products because it may cause scratches.

Ammonia is acrylic's number one enemy, so avoid ammonia-based cleaners such as glass cleaners.

Many organizations have installed acrylic guards and barriers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. To disinfect acrylic between cleanings, it is safe to use products made with 70% alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, isopropyl alcohol, or other acrylic-approved disinfectants.


How to Clean PETG Plastic

The first step in cleaning PETG is to make sure there isn't any dust and dirt on the surface. To remove, either brush it off with a soft cloth or simply rinse it off with water. Next, manufacturers recommend using a plastic cleaner. Alternatively, you can use a solution of one of the following ingredients in warm water: mild soap, isopropyl alcohol at 30% strength, 3-5% hydrogen peroxide, or household bleach at 10% strength. Always use a soft cloth to clean and dry your PETG products.



How to Clean ABS

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) should only be cleaned with soap and water using a soft cloth such as microfiber. The use of chemicals such as chlorides, ketones, and degreasers accelerate the aging of the material and give them a yellowish color.



    How to Clean MDF

    Take the same care in cleaning an MDF (medium density fiberboard) product that you would for any type of wood. You can use a slightly damp cloth containing warm, soapy water to spot clean as necessary. Be sure to wipe dry with a clean dry cloth to remove any water or residue.




    How to Clean Stainless Steel

    For general cleaning, simply use a soft cloth dampened with warm water, then wipe dry with a second clean, soft cloth. Note: drying is an important step because leaving water or residue on the surface can dull the finish or leave a permanent stain. For a deeper cleaning, use warm water mixed with mild dish detergent. To remove fingerprints, use an ammonia-free glass cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the cloth, not on the steel. Wipe in the direction of the grain to avoid streaks.

    To avoid damaging your stainless steel, don't use steel wool or brushes, abrasive cleaners, bleach, or cleaners with chlorine.

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