Making Workplaces Safer For Employees and Visitors

May 26, 2020

As we transition back into the workplace, it's important to create protocols that help ensure a safer work environment. While you may have already considered new guidelines to protect your employees, it's just as important to consider how your new protocols may affect visitors. 

Develop Visitor Protocols
Creating a set of policies for visitors, and clearly communicating these practices will make the workplace more comfortable and safer for everyone. When developing these policies, think about getting input from those in the organization who have the most contact with visitors, such as those at the reception desk. Some smart ideas to consider when developing your own guidelines include:

  • Requiring all visitors to have masks or other PPE, and provide these items for those without them.
  • Making hand sanitizer available at every entrance and other key touch points
  • Constantly wiping down and sanitizing common touch points, including door handles, counter tops, and writing utensils
  • Discouraging handshakes and unnecessary contact with gentle reminders throughout your place of business

Provide Signs and Wayfinding
The first step to getting everyone to follow the rules is to keep the public informed of them. 6' distance floor signs, belt barriers, and clear wayfinding signs are great reminders to maintain physical distance.

Install Partitions and Barriers
Maintaining physical distance is important, but installing actual barriers can help further prevent unintentional physical contact and block airborne pathogens. Preventing airborne viral transmission requires a combination of partitions and barriers depending on the type of interaction and space. Be sure to order products that provide adequate coverage, as well as the proper type of mounting capabilities, such as suction cups or wall mounts.

Offer Plenty of PPE
It’s in high demand right now, and for good reason. FaciliSafety offers disposable facemasks, pen cleaners, tissues, and a variety of dispensers that are excellent for entranceways, hallways, and common areas.

Create a Disinfection and Cleaning Routine
The CDC recommends developing a plan for routinely cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. This will require not only the procurement of cleansers sanitizers, wipes, and other cleaning materials, but also containers and dispensers for these products. Keeping them readily available will encourage frequent cleaning, but setting a daily schedule will make sure that proper disinfection occurs as needed

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