Qualities to Look for in a PPE Provider

October 07, 2020

Outfitting yourself or your business with adequate PPE is more important than ever, which means it’s also important to find a PPE provider you can trust to safely cover all your needs. The following considerations will help you decide whether you’re working with a provider who looks to you as a partner or just as another sale.

Comprehensive Protection
A good PPE provider should offer a comprehensive collection of PPE designed to keep workers in a variety of industries and settings safe and productive. From gloves to face shields to full body gowns, each of the off-the-shelf solutions should also be customizable when needed. This gives you the ability to outsource all your PPE orders to a single provider, making it easier to track, pay, and schedule orders. A bonus would be to find a PPE provider that also manufactures the products they sell, as it can ensure consistency and quality throughout the distribution chain.

Comfort and Style
Although safety is paramount, if the PPE isn’t comfortable to wear for an entire shift, workers will either remove it before they are supposed to or suffer through an uncomfortable experience. People have grown accustomed to wearing soft, breathable materials in their free time, and they are beginning to expect that level of comfort from their PPE.

Knowledge of Safety Standards
In order to protect people from workplace hazards, a PPE provider should be up to date on all major safety standards. ANSI and NFPA standards change and evolve about every three to five years, and these updates should change the product line. Good PPE providers will also use high-quality materials and components sourced from trusted brands, which are typically put through rigorous internal and independent testing to ensure all safety standards are met. If the company’s equipment is based on outdated standards, unfortunately the responsibility of compliance falls solely on its leadership.

Industry Knowledge
In addition to general safety standards, it’s critical that PPE providers fully understand your company’s work environment and what makes it unique. Whether or not a specific glove material will provide adequate, long-term protection depends on more than following standards, it requires a deep understanding of the work environment, including the surface materials, potential contaminants and physical requirements. A trusted provider will be able to develop custom safety solutions for a variety of industries to ensure that employees are properly protected.

Distribution Reach
Quality PPE providers should be able to ship PPE product to any location within a few days. This is only possible through an extensive distribution network with strategically located warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution hubs. 

Total Partnership
There are many PPE providers who can deliver on all of the above, but if they don’t provide a dedicated expert who can guide you through the process of creating a customizable PPE program for your company, it’s not a full partnership. Call FaciliSafety to learn how we can customize a total PPE solution for your company today.

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