Lobbies and Entrances


  • Install hand sanitizer dispensers (touchless whenever possible) in reception areas and lobbies.
  • Implement measures to ensure physical distancing of at least 6' between employees and others. This can include use of physical partitions or visual cues (e.g., floor markings or signs to indicate to where employees and/or guests should stand). Any area where guests or employees queue should be clearly marked for appropriate physical distancing. This includes check-in, check-out, elevator lobbies, coffee shops and dining, and taxi and ridesharing lines.
  • Redesign office spaces, cubicles, lobbies, front desk check-in areas, business centers, concierge service areas, and other spaces if possible to ensure workspaces and guest accommodations allow for at least 6' distancing.


  • Install hand sanitizer dispensers (touchless whenever possible) at key guest and employee entrances and contact areas such as driveways, reception areas, lobbies, restaurant entrances, meeting and convention spaces, elevator landings, pools, salons, and exercise areas.
  • Guests should enter through doors that are either propped open, if possible, or are automated or manually operated by an employee that is frequently handwashing and/or using proper hand sanitizer.
  • Implement peak period queueing procedures, including a lobby greeter and having guests queue outside to maintain at least 6' of physical distance between persons.
  • Employees should not open the doors of cars or taxis.
Room Checklist 

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and refills
Disposable facemasks
Disposable gloves
Facial tissue
PPE organizers/holders
Disinfecting wipes
Disinfecting wipes holders
Hands-free waste containers with lids

Social distancing signs/decals/markers
Hand sanitizer
Paper towel
Directional signs
Stanchions and ropes/belts
Barrier shields/partitions
Bin for clean pens
Bin for used pens

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