• Serve meals outdoors or in classrooms instead of cafeterias or group dining rooms when possible.
  • If cafeterias or group dining rooms must be used, keep students together in their cohort groups, ensure physical distancing, and consider assigned seating.
  • Serve individually plated or baagged meals.
  • Avoid sharing foods and utensils and buffet or family-style meals.
  • Create safety procedures for meal service in classroom, additional meal service procedures in the cafeteria, meal prep and delivery, and receiving and storage.
  • Consider the safest ways to handle transactions that normally would occur in a cafeteria line – how payments will be collected, receipts issued, and money secured. Use the online school payment system whenever possible.
  • Suspend the use of salad bars and other self-service refrigerators and buffets for food and condiments.
  • Discourage food sharing between students.
  • Coordinate with custodians to establish lunchroom sanitation procedures.
  • Clean and disinfect tables, chairs, and other frequently touched hard surfaces between groups of students.
  • Provide physical distancing guides in food service areas with tape on floors, signage, increases table spacing, fewer tables, or physical barriers between tables.
  • Schedule one class at a time to go through the cafeteria line.
  • Use single-serving condiments.
  • Place meals on a counter or tray line for quick pick up.
  • Consider placing “Grab and Go” kiosks in hallways or gymnasiums.
  • Consider having teachers take meal orders in classrooms and sending orders to the kitchen electronically.
  • If students eat in classrooms, train teachers on food allergies, including symptoms of allergic reactions to food.
Room Checklist 

Freestanding Stanchion with Retractable Barrier
Social Distancing Floor Graphics
Informational Wall Signs
Hand Sanitizer
Transparent Barriers
Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
Disposable Gloves
Hands-Free Waste Cans

Disinfectant Wipes
Disinfectant Wipes Holder
Disposable Facemasks
Face Shields
PPE Dispensers
Single Serving Condiments
Plastic Eating Utensils
Hard Surface Cleanser
Paper Towel

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