Gyms and Athletic Fields

✓ See Our Room Supply Checklist

  • Conditioning and training should focus on individual skill building (running drills, body weight resistance training, etc.) and should take place outside, where possible.
  • Avoid equipment sharing, and if unavoidable, clean and disinfect shared equipment between use by different people.
  • Cloth face coverings must be worn during indoor physical conditioning and training or physical education classes, except when showering.
  • Activities that require heavy exertion should be conducted outside in a physically distanced manner without face coverings. Activities conducted inside should be those that do not require heavy exertion and can be done with a face covering.
  • Players should take a break from exercise if any difficulty in breathing is noted and should change their mask or face covering if it becomes wet and sticks to the player’s face and obstructs breathing. Masks that restrict airflow under heavy exertion (such as N-95 masks) are not advised for exercise.
  • Youth sports programs and schools should provide information to parents or guardians regarding this and related guidance, along with the safety measures that will be in place in these settings with which parents or guardians must comply.


Room Checklist

❏ Disinfectants
❏ Spray Bottles
❏ Safety Literature or Signs
❏ Freestanding Stanchion with Retractable Barrier
❏ Disinfectant Wipes
❏ Disposable Facemasks
❏ Hand Sanitizer
❏ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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