✓ See Our Room Supply Checklist

  • Place hand sanitizer and personal protection stations in multiple locations to encourage hand hygiene. If possible, choose hand sanitizer stations that are touch-free.
  • Frequently clean push bars and handles on any doors that do not open automatically and handrails on stairs or along walkways. If physical barriers are being used, then these should be cleaned frequently.
  • Establish directional hallways and passageways for foot traffic, if possible, to eliminate employees from passing by one another. Use signs and tape to reinforce directional traffic and social distancing.


Room Checklist

❏ Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and refills
❏ Reminder signs for infection control protocols - social distancing, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizer
❏ Directional/wayfinding signs
❏ Floor signs or decals to maintain single-direction lanes of foot traffic
❏ Stanchions and ropes/belts to maintain single-direction lanes of foot traffic

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