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  • Serve meals outdoors or in classrooms instead of cafeterias or group dining rooms when possible.
  • If cafeterias or group dining rooms must be used, keep students together in their cohort groups, ensure physical distancing, and consider assigned seating.
  • Serve individually plated or baagged meals.
  • Avoid sharing foods and utensils and buffet or family-style meals.
  • Create safety procedures for meal service in classroom, additional meal service procedures in the cafeteria, meal prep and delivery, and receiving and storage.
  • Consider the safest ways to handle transactions that normally would occur in a cafeteria line – how payments will be collected, receipts issued, and money secured. Use the online school payment system whenever possible.
  • Suspend the use of salad bars and other self-service refrigerators and buffets for food and condiments.
  • Discourage food sharing between students.
  • Coordinate with custodians to establish lunchroom sanitation procedures.
  • Clean and disinfect tables, chairs, and other frequently touched hard surfaces between groups of students.
  • Provide physical distancing guides in food service areas with tape on floors, signage, increases table spacing, fewer tables, or physical barriers between tables.
  • Schedule one class at a time to go through the cafeteria line.
  • Use single-serving condiments.
  • Place meals on a counter or tray line for quick pick up.
  • Consider placing “Grab and Go” kiosks in hallways or gymnasiums.
  • Consider having teachers take meal orders in classrooms and sending orders to the kitchen electronically.
  • If students eat in classrooms, train teachers on food allergies, including symptoms of allergic reactions to food.


Room Checklist

❏ Freestanding Stanchion with Retractable Barrier
❏ Social Distancing Floor Graphics
❏ Informational Wall Signs
❏ Hand Sanitizer
❏ Transparent Barriers
❏ Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
❏ Disposable Gloves
❏ Hands-Free Waste Cans
❏ Disinfectant Wipes
❏ Disinfectant Wipes Holder
❏ Disposable Facemasks
❏ Face Shields
❏ PPE Dispensers
❏ Single Serving Condiments
❏ Plastic Eating Utensils
❏ Hard Surface Cleanser
❏ Paper Towel

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