Offices and Workspaces

✓ See Our Room Supply Checklist


  • If meetings must be held, such as at shift changes, break them into smaller groups instead of holding a larger meeting. Eliminate nonessential in-person meetings.
  • Workers should clean and sanitize their shared workstations at the beginning and end of their shifts.
  • Establish protocols and provide supplies to increase the frequency of sanitization in work and common spaces.Disinfect frequently touched surfaces at least once per shift, if possible. For example, wipe down tools or other equipment at least as often as workers change workstations.


  • Adjust or modify hours to provide adequate time for regular, thorough cleaning and disinfection of office spaces.
  • Where such items must be shared, disinfect between shifts or uses, whichever is more frequent, including the following: shared office equipment such as copiers, fax machines, printers, telephones, keyboards, staplers, surfaces in reception areas, shared work stations, etc., with a cleaner appropriate for the surface.
  • Modify or adjust seats, furniture, and work stations to maintain social distancing of 6' between employees.
  • Install transparent shields or other physical barriers where possible to separate employees and visitors where social distancing is not an option.
  • Provide employees with disposable wipes and other cleaning materials so that they can properly wipe down frequently touched surfaces before each use.


Room Checklist

❏ Hand sanitizer
❏ Disposable facemasks
❏ Disposable gloves
❏ Facial tissue
❏ Paper towels
❏ Disinfecting wipes
❏ Disinfecting wipes holders
❏ Hands-free waste containers with lids
❏ Partitions between cubicles

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