AerisGuard HVAC Treatment Solution - Filter Treatment



Cleaner Filters Improve Indoor Air Quality and Performance of HVAC Systems

The AerisGuard Bioactive Filter Treatment is applied to air filters at the time of installation or to existing filters. The filter treatment is based on patented technology that ensures slow migration of active compound into dust particles trapped within the filter. Dust particles provide a source of nutrients for odor-causing bacteria and mold, which rapidly grow colonies in untreated air filters. Bacteria and mold serve as hosts for viruses to replicate. Towards the end of its working life, a typical filter is highly contaminated. The proliferation of mold and bacteria ultimately leads to the filter becoming loaded, and enabling viruses to grow and spread.

Application of the AerisGuard Bioactive Filter Treatment dramatically reduces mold and bacteria growth viruses. Thereby extending the filter life, improving dust retention, reducing energy consumption and improving indoor air quality.

  • Maintains uniform pressure drop across the filter
  • Passes ASTM E1053, EN 14476:A2, EN 16777 + Adapted Protocol, TMCV 006
  • Virucidal efficacy against Coronavirus, Adenovirus, Norovirus & Influenza virus H1N1
  • EPA Registered with a residual kill claim
  • Lasts the useful life of the filter
  • Residual biocide coated onto filter fibers, controls viruses and prevents mold and bacteria from colonizing
  • Treatment migrates to dust particles making it toxic as a food source for micro-organisms
  • Treatment is designed to stay on filter fibers even under extreme air flows
  • By controlling bacteria and mold colonization the filter airflow is maintained
  • The treatment assists in the capture of finer particles reducing their harmful effect on indoor air quality

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