Bowman Polycarbonate Triple Glove Box Dispenser



Rugged Polycarbonate Triple Glove Box Dispenser

Shatter-resistant polycarbonate plastic provides an ideal combination of strength, rigidity, and toughness. It is also temperature and humidity resistant and stands up to heavy, long-term use. Virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate is safe to use in areas where it may be exposed to impact.

  • Three-way keyholes for convenient mounting
  • Injection-molded polycarbonate plastic
  • Semitransparent design makes it easy to view box sixes and text
  • Dividers between glove boxes make it easy to quickly restock, regardless of mounting position
  • Versatile design allows users to mount the dispenser horizontally or vertically with either a left or right loading position
  • Stain-resistant polycarbonate cleans easily with common cleaners or mild soap and water
  • 17.08"W x 10.11"H x 4.22"D
  • 1 / EA

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