Face Shield with Drape



Face Shield with Bottom Drape for Superior Protection

Protect your chin, upper neck, eyes, and mouth with this disposable full-face shield, which has fluid-resistant fabric at the bottom to help protect against contaminants that may come under the shield. Leave the bottom fabric open and free flowing or pinch it together at the hook-and-loop points for more form-fitting protection. The foam headpiece is designed to create a snug, comfortable fit with enough room to accommodate glasses or a standard facemask for superior protection.

  • Helps protect against contaminants coming under the shield
  • Foam barrier sits across the forehead to protect against contaminants coming over the shield
  • Foam barrier holds the shield far enough off face so users can wear glasses
  • Antifog, transparent plastic face shield has a patented flat viewing area to minimize distortion and glare
  • Drape is easy to close with hook-and-loop tabs for superior protection
  • Convenient dispenser box packaging
  • 100 / PK

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