Hurricone Cordless Floor Dryer



Actively Dry Floors and Reduce Slipping Hazards
Water and other contaminants on the floor are a major cause of slip, trip, and fall incidents. The Hurricone actively dry floors and reduces slip and fall risks by drying floors 360° around the unit and up to 15' in diameter. A cordless design that makes the system ideal for use anywhere in your facility and runs up to eight hours on a full charge. 

  • Excellent for freshly mopped floor or floors that are wet because of inclement weather
  • Dries floors 360° around the unit and up to 15' in diameter
  • Cordless for ease of use throughout your facility
  • Resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and impact
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI standards
  • Use with safety cones up to 36"H
  • LED and audible low-battery indicators
  • 5" locking casters
  • Runs for up to eight hours on a full charge
  • Includes a rechargeable battery and charger
  • One-year warranty

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