OmniClean Dual Bucket EVS Cart



Dual-Bucket Mop for Sanitary, Hygienic Mopping


  • Dual buckets keep clean and dirty water separate
  • Designed to remove up to 96% of floor bacteria
  • Dual chamber bucket helps to keep bacteria and grime in the dirty bucket
  • Use with your choice of floor disinfectant
  • Microfiber mop pad covers is designed to cover more square footage than traditional alternatives
  • Chemical and water savings with OmniClean technology that uses 1.5gal buckets
  • Powerful scrub board removes debris from the mop pad and keeps it in the dirty water bucket
  • Horizontal wringer works to agitate remaining debris off the wipe pad

What you get:

  • Excella straight pole
  • Mop pad holder
  • 2 microfiber pads
  • SmartColor rectangular labels
  • Carriage with wringer
  • 2 gray buckets
  • Gray bucket handle
  • Gray bucket scrub board
  • Blue charge guide
  • Blue bucket handle
  • Straight carriage handle
  • 4 casters

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