StepWell Sanitizing Mats



Sanitize Shoes in a Few Steps
Essential for facility entranceways and lobbies, these unique Sanitizing Mats clean and dry shoe soles in just a few steps. Staff and customers simply step on the “sanitize here” section of the mat to dislodge dirt or debris from shoe soles and then clean them. The carpeted “wipe and dry zone” of the mat is designed to remove excess moisture to reduce potential slipping risks. 

  • Mat designed so that users sanitize their shoe soles and then dry them off
  • Well section with an insert works as a splashguard and helps dislodge dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes so the sanitizer can reach the entire sole
  • Carpeted section works to remove excess moisture on shoes to reduce slipping risks
  • Excellent for lobbies and entranceways to help minimize the spread of germs
  • Each mat includes one insert
  • Inserts last for up to three to four months depending on traffic
  • Wells hold one insert and about 84oz of sanitizing solution
  • Compatible with many sanitizing/disinfecting solutions; recommended for use with quaternary and hydrogen peroxide solutions

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